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Did you know…?


“Did you know…?” became the dreaded question chez moi. I was obsessively reading about bonsai trees, their care, their history, etc. and then sharing all that knowledge with my family. I think they tolerated me at first because I was so excited.

Then they just look at me oddly, or nodded, smiling and bewildered.

But, I give them credit because they followed me patiently through the local garden shops’ bonsai sections. They received mini-lessons on the vices and virtues of indoor and outdoor bonsai. They learned why I preferred outdoor bonsai (trees are supposed to be outside) to indoor bonsai (hydrometers?!). They learned that it was very important that my Chinese Elm was acclimated to the Paris area.

I am not sure they cared, but they learned. I was happy for the small victory. I have been a teacher for 25 years (grades 1-12). I LIKE when people learn something, even if it’s only a small thing like the foliage of a tree and its rootball should be approximately the same size to ensure proper growth. I mean, who knew?

Learning and accumulating these small facts in books, magazines, websites, and YouTube videos (OMG–the videos!), made my world grow bit by bit…