Location, location, location…


My little elm survived. I was managing to water and trim it enough that it did not look pathetic. Now my new dilemma was where to place it in my garden. Should I put it on the terrace, on the grass, by the front door, in the back yard or the front? I wanted to display it and show off its beauty for the world to see. On the other hand, I wanted to selfishly enjoy it for myself because when I looked at it, it made me happy. I finally decided that I would put it where I could see it from the living room window-if I couldn’t see it on a regular basis, what was the point of having it, right? My girls kept telling me that the tree would look great in various places,  but I finally admitted that this tree was one of my small pleasures and I needed to see it easily. Luckily, our living room has French doors for its main wall, so I could see the tree quite easily. I placed it a bit to the right of center on our terrace. It was not the most practical place, but damn it, I saw that tree every time I walked into the living room! And every time I saw the tree, something twinkled in me and I was just a tiny bit happier than when I had entered the room. The location of my tree became my personal daily landmark-a bit like passing by a quaint house in your neighborhood every morning and every evening on your commute, and you feel content knowing that it is there. It becomes your point of reference when directing people to and from your own house. If someone can find that house, they can find you. If I could see my tree everyday on my daily life “commute”, I could find myself. Finding the perfect location for my tree in order to “find” myself was a lot to expect from such a small tree, but like they say in real estate, sometimes only three things matter to help you find your happiness-location, location, location.


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